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PC Recommendations

Now we will consider the question of choosing a personal computer (PC). Immediately it is worth noting that the examples below are taken from the price list of the DNS store (federal network) for January-February 2011.

So, you have decided to buy a computer. As a rule, the question immediately arises, which computer or laptop is better? (how many times have I heard this) It is worth saying here that a laptop is more convenient, it takes up less space, it is mobile, but it is more expensive than a personal computer of similar capacity, and accordingly a laptop of similar price will be less powerful. So if the occupied computer space is not critical for you and mobility, for example, work on the move (offices, business trips, college, maybe a school, etc.), then a personal computer would be the best choice. Personally, I prefer a personal computer for general purposes, and if I need a computer for work, then I will buy a cheap laptop for 10-15 thousand rubles.
A personal computer, there are two options for buying a PC: buy an assembled system unit + monitor + peripherals, or assemble it from accessories.

The assembled system unit, many say that, for example, DEPO, is a computer manufacturer, in fact, computer manufacturers do not exist as such. There are factories that take components from manufacturers and assemble a computer from them, such as Depo, iRU, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, AlienWare, Acer, Sony, Lenovo, ASRock, etc. There are many collectors. The given examples of PC assemblers are industrial assemblers, i.e. PC assembly is based on GOST or ISO standards (set of international standards). In fact, most collectors need support for these standards only to obtain state. orders, as well as advertising, but it forces you to make thoughtful conveyor lines and conduct a bunch of product tests. For you, all this can mean that given the computer passed the performance tests. There is a second type of collectors – in-store. Since recent, relatively, time it has become “fashionable” to assemble computers yourself, be sure to look for certification systems like this, for example, at the NIX store ( they write ISO 9002 Cerdified (I looked at the current one computer). Lack of certification for you will mean that the computer was assembled in the store and, possibly, with the left heel. So do not hesitate to read the documents and torture sales consultants before buying. On sale, prefabricated system units are not only found in computer stores, but they can also be found in household appliance stores. You can also find monoblocks for sale. Monoblocks, roughly speaking, when the monitor and the system unit are one, it looks very attractive, takes up less space, and it is almost impossible to replace something inside the system. Important!!! A manufacturer is a manufacturer, he tries to reduce the cost of the product as much as possible, which is why it is not uncommon for components (components) of obscure manufacturers to come across prefabricated blocks, this is often observed with power supplies. The exception may be only large foreign companies, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, AlienWare, Acer, Sony, etc. They are more customer-oriented, and their own image worries them very much.
Let’s move from general to specific, consider how to write such system units in prices:

Prestige [0122236] Core i7 870 (2.93 GHz) / 4GB / HD5850 (1024) / 1TB / DVD ± RW / No Software
Prestige [0122236] – actually the name of the line and model of the system unit
Core i7 870 (2.93 GHz) – processor model and its clock frequency
HD5850 (1024) – model and amount (1024) of video card memory
1TB – hard disk capacity
DVD ± RW – optical drive, DVD writer
Without By – means that nothing is installed on this computer, i.e. you will have to install the Operating System yourself, for example Windows

MSI Wind Top AE2280 <9S6-AC3112-015> i5 650 (3.2) /4096/640/DVD-RW/HD5430/WiFi/Win7HP/21.5 ”
MSI – manufacturer
Wind Top AE2280 <9S6-AC3112-015> – line and model of computer
i5 650 (3.2) – processor model (Intel Core i5 full name), 3.2 – frequency in GHz
4096 – the amount of RAM, MB
640 – hard drive capacity, GB
DVD-RW – optical drive, DVD writer
HD5430 – video card model
WiFi – WiFi available
Win7HP – Operating System, Licensed, Windows 7 Home Premium
21.5 “- monitor diagonal, usually the monitor is sold separately

Another plus of the prefabricated PC is that you do not have to think about the balance of processor power / RAM / video card power.

So what to choose. First of all, depending on the purchase budget, do not forget that you still need to buy a monitor and other little things, such as a mouse, keyboard, surge protector, modem (if necessary). By that time you should understand why you need a computer, if for working with documents and sometimes watching movies or music, or the Internet.

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