Website translation and localization
In technical dictionaries and specialized literature, the term “localization” is often equated with “translation”. However, in practice, localization often goes beyond the scope of translation tasks. What is site localization…

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Windows Maintenance Programs
Computer maintenance can be both physical (dust removal, etc.) and software. The second is more related to the operating system, since the software maintenance of the PC itself at home…

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Where to start creating your own website
Where do any construction work begin? Can I hammer a nail without a hammer? Maybe yes. But is such work convenient and practical? And will it be effective? The questions…

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Where to start creating your own website

Where do any construction work begin? Can I hammer a nail without a hammer? Maybe yes. But is such work convenient and practical? And will it be effective? The questions are rhetorical, but the conclusions reached directly relate to the creation of sites – without proper and convenient tools, creating a site is impossible. Therefore, the first thing you should seriously think about when planning this most interesting activity is the choice of tools for website building. In our case, it will be special software, a set of programs with which the user will have the opportunity to create his own site.
The easiest way to become the owner of a new resource is to order a site in a specialized company. Moreover, such a company can be entrusted not only with the development of design and writing of program code, but also with all further actions for the initial promotion and promotion on the Web. All you need for this is some amount of money and patience. The second is necessary in order to wait for the time when the site enters the TOP of search engines and appears on the first pages of search results. Your personal involvement is minimized. Of course, this is less interesting than creating a site on your own, but more efficiently and rationally for those who are busy with other equally useful and profitable things.

The second way is to create a site yourself. This does not mean at all just creative work to invent creative designs or develop ideas for a new resource. Whatever original appearance you come up with or what useful information would be planned for placement on the site, without the very “hammer”, or, in other words, tools for creating the site, you just can not do. Now more specifically about which site building programs you will need.

Html editor

By downloading even the completely free template of one of the popular CMS, you can modify it and make it completely unrecognizable. To do this, you will need one of the HTML code editors. There are a lot of such programs today, but the essence of their work is always reduced to one. Here is a short list of the most popular:

– Adobe Dreamweaver CC,
– FrontPage 2003,
– Microsoft Expression Web.

Note that the development from Microsoft Expression Web is a continuation of the FrontPage line of standard Office 2007 and Office 2010 packages. As you know, programs from small ones, as our colleagues in the shop sometimes jokingly call Microsoft, have always been paid. But for serious work it is very difficult to do without them. Therefore, if you are creating your own website not just because of nothing to do, but want to have a professional resource, it is better to fork out for the purchase of programs.

This, by the way, is one of the reasons why creating custom-made sites is never possible and cannot be cheap and cost a penny – professionals pay for tools in the same way as builders or auto mechanics. And the better and more reliable the tool, the easier and more professional the work will be done. It is no coincidence that when visiting a car repair shop for the first time, some experienced drivers look at what kind of tool mechanics work with, and based on what they see, they decide whether to trust such a car with their car. The same approach is relevant in site building: a good site can only be done using professional tools. But let’s continue.
Web design

Another full-featured HTML code editor, which we recommend not only to professionals, but also to fans – Adobe Dreamweaver CC. The program is very interesting and will be useful to beginners by the fact that it creates hints for the code directly in the process of creating the site. You can also attach styles to the document and view the resulting intermediate result and edit it at any time convenient for you. The program was considered quite “difficult” to work on home PCs. But today, the presence of a 2 Ghz processor and more than 2 Gb of RAM on your own computer has become the norm, so the hiccups in its operation are almost invisible. The program is paid.

PHP editor

This software allows you to:

– make changes to the site platform,
– add modules,
– remove or install hidden monetization for monetization,
– To do many other important things in site building.

The most common program of the most famous should be called Notepad ++. For beginners, the advantage of using “notepad” is the highlighting of the syntax of the code (the program highlights errors). You can quickly convert files from ANSI to UTF-8.

The most significant drawback of the program, beginners note the inability to quickly view the finished result in the form of a visualized page of the site. But the program is free and is quite suitable for creating your own first site yourself.

Another professional editor that we recommend newbies to pay attention to is Komodo IDE. With it, you can easily work with many programming languages.

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