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Causes and methods for resolving error 0x0000007b

If a problem 0x0000007b occurs, a blue screen appears on the monitor. The PC stops responding to any action. In some cases, a reboot may help. Such a problem often occurs during reinstallation of Windows XP, 7, 10 appears when working with applications and games.

The information code is located at the bottom of the screen and reports that there is no access to the system directory at boot time. There are a large number of reasons for the appearance of such an error, therefore, to solve the problem, you need to take appropriate measures.

When does this error occur?

The problem caused by the system failure of the coded error appears when we start Windows, reinstall the OS, or connect a new application on the computer.

When loading, this problem signals a loss of access to the system partition. It happens when this error occurred on the operating system, which until the last moment worked well. The hard disk may have crashed.

Very often, error 0x0000007b appears when installing a new version of the OS on a computer. If this is the problem, then perhaps the distribution does not contain the necessary drivers for working with the hard disk.

Error Appearance

A blue screen error or “blue screen of death” (from the English Blue Screen of Death, BSoD) is a warning about a critical failure of MS Windows.

Blue screen error
The BSoD error code consists of 4 parameters:

Error code (0x0000007b) and its symbolic name (INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE).
Four parameters explaining the cause of the error.
The address of the place where the error occurred.
The name of the device driver in which the error occurred.

Reason for occurrence

The error code 0x0000007b is widespread and indicates various violations in the operation of the operating system (OS). This error is probably caused by incorrect Bios settings, damage to system files and registry keys, and viruses.

Very often this error appears when:

a conflict of drivers that are connected to PC devices;
lack of drivers;
Inappropriate application format system
media failure or malfunction;
technical damage.

What can cause a driver to malfunction?

Sometimes the error 0x0000007b is accompanied by the message INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE. The problem can be not only a malfunction of the hard drive, just the system can not recognize it. It is important to understand that in most cases, the appearance of a blue screen depends on a previously performed operation on a PC.


Viruses are malware. They can damage disk drivers and generally affect the operation of the system.

To cure the OS of this ailment, you need to use a boot disk (flash drive) with antivirus software. After that, launch using system recovery.

SATA Modes

A problem may occur if the SATA configuration is not enabled or the ATA / ACHI modes are not set correctly. At the same time, the OS cannot establish communication with the controller, since these interfaces work from different drivers and use different communication channels. Correct the situation will help correct settings in the BIOS.

Incorrectly conducted loop

Loops are wires that provide a connection between a hard disk and a computer. The structure has two wires: a power cable and a data cable.

To fix the problem, you need to see if everything is connected securely. If this does not help, you can try to connect the drive to a neighboring SATA port or change the power cable, replace the data cable.

Violating boot order

The problem can be caused by the simultaneous connection of 2 hard disks or SSD to the processor. At startup, the system disk should be launched first of all. To solve this problem, you need to disconnect the second disk or make the appropriate setting in the BIOS system to boot the system disk first.

Media is defective

The cause of the error may be a malfunction due to a hard disk failure. Sometimes it is accompanied by the message INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE. In this case, the error indicates the inability to determine the boot device (hard disk).

Disk software

Specialized software for the correct work with the registry such as Acronis Disk Director, MiniTool Partition Wizard and others have a very convenient interface, have additional functions that facilitate the work of the user.

With inept handling of volumes, you can violate the integrity of files, which leads to a failure. The solution is to restore the system or create new partitions with a full installation of Windows.

No driver

There are no drivers that are responsible for the normal operation of the drive or SCSI controller of the installed OS. Manufacturers of boot distributions very often do not introduce some drivers to facilitate the image, which is why the “blue screen of death” occurs with the error 0x0000007b.

How to deal with the problem?

The problem caused by the 0x0000007b error is similar in different OSs, but the troubleshooting methods are slightly different.

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